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RFID Handheld Readers

IDentium Tech Solution being provider and seller of varieties of RFID Handheld Reader & Scanner. Handheld RFID Readers are a great option for Reading tags on the go and where the mobility of the reader is necessary. Handheld readers have integrated antennas, and a display (There are a few exceptions) for easy Operation and immediate interaction with the data. Handheld readers are usually utilized for the Inventory Taking and are also Great for Tag Programming. RFID Handheld Readers or Potable Readers can easily be used anywhere in any industry. These RFID readers available in LF, HF, UHF frequency to read a different type of RFID tags. These RFID readers are also known as a mobile data terminal or mobile computer.

We being the prominent RFID products and RFID solutions provider based in India, Delhi. we offer almost High Performance and best in range of HF or NFC and UHF handheld RFID reader available in the market which can be deployed easily in any industry for smooth tracking of products like Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking and other customized use at best price.

To bring a new level of comfort, to avoid the errors caused by human and to speed up the task with accuracy these handheld RFID readers are being used to increase efficiency. The RFID Handheld Reader & Scanner are an economical choice to read/write device to the tagged object as compared to move an object for a fixed reader.

Brand: IDentium Model: CX1500N
Features:l  High Performance UHF Handheld Readerl  Reading range upto 25ml  MTK Processor with 2.0 GHz Octo Core CPUl  Android 12.0 OS with 4G High Speed networkl  Over-molding design, Sleek &light weightl  Free SDK and Demonstration Application Specification:S..
Ex Tax:₹58,000
Brand: IDentium Model: MUBR01
Bluetooth UHF RFID Portable Reader MUBR01 is a easy to use RFID hand-held with Android (4.3 above) smart phone. MUBR01 no display, one button, 3 Led light. Easy to contact with smart phone or tablet, one hand control, high performance good for retail, document management, anti-counterfeiting etc..
Ex Tax:₹18,500
Brand: IDentium Model: CX1000
Features: l Cost Effective Handheld UHF Reader l Reading range upto 6m l MTK Processor with 2.0 GHz Octo Core CPU l Android 12.0 OS with 4G High Speed networkl Over-molding design, Sleek &light weight l Free SDK and Demonstration Application ..
Ex Tax:₹30,000
Brand: IDentium Model: RFID Smart tray for jewellery
RFID Smart Tray is a Sleek and Modern RFID Tray specifically designed for Jewellery showrooms and Shops. It has a Beautiful Soft Velvet Finish to place high Value Rings, chains and any types of Jewellery.It has inbuilt Battery, Bluetooth and Type C port for Charging.It has Patented design to re..
Ex Tax:₹45,000
Model: CX-2000
CX-2000 UHF Android Mobile Computer Handled Reader..
Ex Tax:₹68,000
Brand: IDentium Model: CX806T
Identium CX806T is an Industrial RFID Tablet supporting UHF RFID and NFC.It is widely used in Warehouses, Logistics, Waste Management, Tool Tracking. Features: l High Performance UHF Handheld Reader with Impinj Chipset (E710)l..
Ex Tax:₹60,000
Brand: IDentium Model: RA91
The RA91 reader is an animal tag reader based on radio frequency (RFID) identification and barcode scanning technology, using RFID low frequency full duplex (FDX-B) format passive RF technology. The card reader complies with ISO 11784/5 international standard protocol, operates at 134.2KHz, has ..
Ex Tax:₹14,500
Brand: IDentium Model: FX-100
FX100A secure Android-based deviceThe FX100 is a dedicated handheld device, designed for light and flexible mobile work. It’s based on Android OS for businesses – and let you easily deploy the app you need. This pocket-sized terminal is natively connected to Mobile device management to giv..
Ex Tax:₹15,000
Brand: IDentium Model: UBR90H
UBR90H is a cost Effective Bluetooth RFID ReaderIt is a plug and play UHF Reader and will send data in Notepad, Excel, Website. The built-in memory can store up to 128 tag information records, and users can upload the information to the computer through USB cable. It ..
Ex Tax:₹12,000
    Features:Impinj Indy R2000 chipset brings strong prime mover with High Reading Efficiency5000mAh large battery capacity supports 8 hours continue working abilityHumanist design with hand grip & Magnet along with the ergonomic shapeVarious communication transfer method op..
Ex Tax:₹40,000
Brand: IDentium Model: IDTS-SIR3522
SIR3522:    Features Based on the New Generation Impinj E310 reader chip.Support EPC global Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C).Low power consumption, built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, continuous working time of more than 8 hours, meeting t..
Ex Tax:₹25,000
Product introduction ID – UBR12 reader is a super small UHF RFID read and write device that can be long time standby. Beautiful appearance, compact size, easy to take and with 0.95` true color, OLED scree. It can display the number of the tag, the operation interface for user-friendly..
Ex Tax:₹12,000
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