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Brand: IDentium Model: IDTS – RWS9
Specifications Model No. IDTS – RWS9   Frequency range 13.56 MHz Communication interface USB Application software Free Demonstration Software and SDK(for read/writ..
Ex Tax:₹4,500
Model: HRD20
Specifications of HRD20 HF Reader DESKTOP READERWe are the leading supplier of HRD20 HF Reader in India. We supply RFID all over India at very nominal prices and of very good quality. Model No. IDTS – HRD20   Frequency range ..
Ex Tax:₹2,000
Feature Function l  ISO18000-6C, Gen2 Class 1 l  Both wireless air protocol and USB protocol l  Support Windows, Android and iOS operation system l  4 In 1 Bluetooth RFID Reader including Wristband Reader, Desktop Reader, Telescopic Rod Reader and Pendant Reader ..
Ex Tax:₹7,000
Model: IDTS-HMR-65
Specifications Model No. IDTS – HMR65   Frequency range 13.56 MHz    OR 125 KHz Communication interface Micro USB Application software Free Demonst..
Ex Tax:₹2,000
Model: IDTS-HRP60
Specifications Model No. IDTS – HRP60   Frequency range 13.56 MHz    OR 125 KHz Communication interface USB Application software Free Demonstration..
Ex Tax:₹2,800
Model: IDTS-HRW560
Specifications Model No. IDTS – HRW560   Frequency range 13.56 MHz    OR 125 KHz Communication interface WiFi + TCP/IP Application software Free De..
Ex Tax:₹10,000
Introduction: Identium LF Plug & Play Reader & Writer IDTS - LFPPR is a low Cost Reader which operates in the 125khz Frequency Range.  Features: Plug & Play Reader LED Light to display card status Fast Response Easy to install No software or driver required ..
Ex Tax:₹1,500
Brand: IDentium Model: IDTS-QR-36
Introduction:The QR36-2D QR code + RFID access control reader is a new generation of multifunctional reader developed by our company.The appearance of the product adopts the standard 86 box industry standard. It has fast scanning speed, high recognition rate, strong compatibility, an..
Ex Tax:₹15,000
Brand: IDentium Model: FX-100
FX100A secure Android-based deviceThe FX100 is a dedicated handheld device, designed for light and flexible mobile work. It’s based on Android OS for businesses – and let you easily deploy the app you need. This pocket-sized terminal is natively connected to Mobile device management to giv..
Ex Tax:₹15,000
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